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Cry, don't be afraid to cry cos your child's
Broken heart wasn't made to be so hard
Time, take the time in your hands
Hold it with the hope you can stop it
Before tonight cos the night, the night steals your soul
Everynight they laugh while they make
Your heart bleed to death
But someday you'll be free
And you'll have your revenge
Until then keep the faith
Close your eyes, say your prays
Keep the faith, say your prays
Keep the faith, say your prays
Your heart is bleeding, nobody cares
Your mind's just trying to sleep
Sleepers can resist the pain
Sleepers know what is the hate
They just want to sleep tonight
And no one come to bed
Sleepers know they cannot love
Sleepers know the door is closed
They just want to sleep tonight
And not to feel their sweat
They are the sleepers
Sleepers! live alone sleepers!
Your only chance is to follow the
Steps of your heart
Dreams, their faces in your dreams
The smile that will live in your mind
For all the years
Drunk, they are always drunk
You swear to yourself one day you
Will kill those men
You know hell's kitchen small
And there'll be no place
Where they can live on

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Número de Letras 1088
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