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Close the door, leave me alone
I just want to find myself
Why can't i feel like before?
Why is my heart so cold?
Sometimes i hate the life has made me so strong
I can still remember when i hid myself to cry
Now i only want to know my feelings are alive
They used to tell me that i had
Tobe the best, they used to tell me
That i had to forget all my dreams
But i didn't want, i didn't want
They cut my free wings forever
Now i'm afraid to look at myself
In the mirror, i have fear of my life
Have become a lie
I feel that i have to change my life
So i'm riding trhough my mind
Riding through my mind
Breaking all my lies
Riding through my mind
There's a chance for my life
They are my dark night
They are my fear, they are my lonely world
They are my world of tears
I'm only the one who drinks the bad draught
The one who spins the misfortune
Who's born from the sun and dies in the moon
Without any hope
Strangled by the night, seduced by the fear
And the howl of the wolves
(riding through my mind)
I'm the one who lives in silence
And watches the dawn in lonelynes
I am the one who cries in silence
To be not heard by the world

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Número de Letras 1073
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