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Our words are empty now that we have learnt
To lie about all that's around our thought.
Maybe the scketch of our life has been
Already drawn by our inexpert hands but now we wonder if we will have another
Chance to live, not to learn, just to live.
The third millennium will be our fear,
Will be our hope , maybe our release.
Last millennium !!!! your eyes are cold
And look at us with indiference.
Last millennium !!!! pray for me
I feel alone in a bloody end.
Our days have became nights, our life is death
Our mind controlls the feelings of our heart
Maybe there is a light that i can't see
Maybe there is a future to our dreams
But now we know we're lost in this blue cold
We want to rise , not to fall, just to love
The third millennium will be our cold
Will be our hot , maybe our release.
My life's in your hands
I want to think i'm free
My heart is heavy but it's so hard
I drink the water that melts under my eyes puente
My shadow's playing with death tonight
So last millennium set me free.

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