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Where is the truth? who can give me
An answer to my dreams
Who can look at my eyes
And tell me that nothing's wrong
But now i feel alone
I have left my past behind
I have sold my dreams
For a hope that will never get real
And i'm so alone
I know i've changed
Who will be beside tomorrow?
Who will care about my life?
Who will cry when i cry?
Where my heart belongs
Where i have to go
I don't know if my past doors
Will be open now (i live in dreams)
I only want to live this cold
I want to come back to that place
The place where you breath
Where my heart belongs
Maybe it was the fear
I know it was my fear
Now i've come to back to tell you
How i've cried (for you)
I walk through this rain,
Walk against this wind
With the hope you know
How i love your heart

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Número de Palavras 137
Número de Letras 738
Intérprete Overlife

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