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1. Culpa Sua

Não posso voltar atrás! Melhor esquecer o que você falou. ; Agora só o tempo irá nos mostrar; Que insistir no erro é pior que te amar. ; REEFRÃO : talvez quando me ver vai preferir não; enxergar, talv...

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2. Freedom

Cry for the children who live far from you; Cry for the heroes who died without you; Cry for their lives! Cry for all those who cried for you before; They spent their lives trying to find you; In love...

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3. In The Shadow

Images in the mirror, they're not you at all; A face lost far away, two eyes that cannot see; You're not you, you will never be you again; You're not you, you will never love again; He was your only o...

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4. Last Millenium?

Our words are empty now that we have learnt; To lie about all that's around our thought. Maybe the scketch of our life has been; Already drawn by our inexpert hands but now we wonder if we will have a...

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5. Riding Through My Mind

Close the door, leave me alone; I just want to find myself; Why can't i feel like before? Why is my heart so cold? Sometimes i hate the life has made me so strong; I can still remember when i hid myse...

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6. Sleepers

Cry, don't be afraid to cry cos your child's; Broken heart wasn't made to be so hard; Time, take the time in your hands; Hold it with the hope you can stop it; Before tonight cos the night, the night ...

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7. Under God's Blinded Eyes

That night was different; Everything was asleep and the silence kept the mistery of the darkness; Something was going to happen that would change my life forever, I went to bed, i turned off the light...

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8. Where My Hearts Belong

Where is the truth? who can give me; An answer to my dreams; Who can look at my eyes; And tell me that nothing's wrong; But now i feel alone; I have left my past behind; I have sold my dreams; For a h...

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