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Letra da Música She de Vatz

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She's such a girl
I'm spinning out of control
I'd die for one more kiss
She made it clear that she's not alone
But never close enough
In the whole wide world
Not a single lad who can claim her love

The sadness comes crashing down my throat
The illusion of having than get stole
I've been there too long
Now back to the old

What is the time to make that move?
It's not what you feel
It's how you choose
I'm stuck in this endeavour

Dancing on wire, she's waiting for some more
Not the common desire to fall in her arms, though

Lovelace won't make it this time, no
She's one of a kind
It's not about if you'll call in the morning
But how long you will wait until she picks it up

She's such a girl
All my blood for another chance to make it right
When she left home I found myself under a falling sky
I wanna drown in her love
And be amazed by her sweet green eyes
And the fire
Oh take me back where I feel alive

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Número de Letras 920
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