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Letra da Música Too Hot To Handle de Vatz

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The bar was closing and the junkies were done
But the bell rings while the danger gets on the doorstep
Crushing everyman's soul
they'd break their necks just to see how she flows

My mind was blown and it made me forget
I was working and she was staring at me
So like a peregrin falcon I gave her a glass of pure gin
A shot, she said

Am I alive or just getting closer to the edge?
I think I'm going crazy
Light a cigarette and relax
don't draw any attention
I'm wanted for the kill of a man

Tonight I'm flipping the coin on my life
But I don't know if it has the two sides
No one has told devil has such beautiful eyes
I know I should run and scape
This jeopardy is due to kill me
And I'm falling in, I'm falling in

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Número de Palavras 130
Número de Letras 696
Intérprete Vatz

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