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Letra da Música Sights Of The Spotlight de Vatz

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Let them be jokers, what a way to get closer
Of the hot-shot liars, have the unbelievable secrets unfolded
(But) Naughty speeches blew up her mind
They got her confused like it was her first time

She craves to believe in her new best friends
She kiss the fame but can't handle the bites on the lips

But today you wont find it
Today they're gonna lie
All those pretty faces
All those shining eyes
Claim to have your trust
Really on your side cause you
You're in the sights of the spotlight

You're closing doors, you're making a mess
I wonder if you'd realize it won't last
Go down and then get higher
Feel the limit, touch the fire

Don't ask too much, how many lies have you got?
Never be honest then you'll never get caught
No one is innocent in the ocean of thoughts
Have you come to play the vilain 'cause that's what you're pleading for

Take me to the lake the cold is gone
Keep me where my heart can feel your love

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Número de Palavras 156
Número de Letras 909
Intérprete Vatz

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