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1. A Dois

A dois; Ah eu sei, que um dia já fui, Um bom motivo pra sorrir, E nesse dia eu lembro bem, Eu fiquei alto eu prazer, da sensação.. ; Ahh, mas outro dia eu cai.. Bem no abismo entre nós, A v...

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2. Full Of Tricks

If I take your hand; Would walk with me? Would understand if I decide to leave; And let you give your love and your strenght; To someone who feels the same? Because I lost you; But you didn't lose me;...

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3. How Not To Lose Control

It's a wicked game to play; And you think it's clever; No, I'm not good at this; But I'm getting better; And I'm sure, I'll make you perceive your mistake, cause; I wanna play your game; And see what'...

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4. Much Better

You said he plays the guitar; And good music, he's got; Well, how much did he pay? He offers a lot of beer; Trying to be cool with the friend of his date; Now he's drinking alone; Is he blind or just ...

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5. Not True

Hundreds of thoughts; And no sign of relief; She's at the 906 door; Thrilled to bits; Am I here to feed her? Feel some love and then just see her go? The tighter it gets, the worst is to leave; I'm on...

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6. She

She's such a girl; I'm spinning out of control; I'd die for one more kiss; She made it clear that she's not alone; But never close enough; In the whole wide world; Not a single lad who can claim her l...

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7. Sights Of The Spotlight

Let them be jokers, what a way to get closer; Of the hot-shot liars, have the unbelievable secrets unfolded; (But) Naughty speeches blew up her mind; They got her confused like it was her first time; ...

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8. Todo Teu

Meu bem não fique assim; Tão sem jeito pra se impor; Eu te vejo sempre assim; Carregando nosso amor... Me faz ver e crer; Eu devia ser melhor; Vem abraçar vem sussurrar; Me dar chão meu bem maior; E q...

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9. Too Hot To Handle

The bar was closing and the junkies were done; But the bell rings while the danger gets on the doorstep; Crushing everyman's soul; they'd break their necks just to see how she flows; My mind was blown...

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