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Letra da Música Snowfall de The Halo Benders

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How can they be all
So very unidentical?
Sleigh Ride
Knocking icicles down
You're melting snow angels
All over town
From ashes come sunset
She tried to explain
But also ices ages
And black acid rain
Having this words
She was caught in a jar
A hollow snow angel
She imploded a star
Snowfall (I fought it)
Why don't you come around (The cold)
We'll set the fire and get snowbound
Share our snowsuits (You thawed it out)
And make soft snowy sounds (As it got wetter things got better)
Snow falling down/Snow on the ground (Didn't think you had it in you)
Snowfall (Snowfall)
Snowfall (You're all)

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Número de Palavras 87
Número de Letras 607
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