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1. Big Rock Candy Mountain

Why why why; Where'd you go? Woke up to find you unlaid by my side; You woke up and melted through the night; Head on the pillow hard as glass; Hard headed me never thought to ask; hhoowwaawhy; Up big...

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2. Can't Believe It's True

I can't believe it's true; You got me breathin fire; And there's nothing I can do; You; Always mining fools; You got me running blind; That's the worst kind of cool; Jack be nimble; Jack be quick; Sto...

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3. Canned Oxygen

I feel like talking but don't preach; I'm all right; God don't make no junk; So you see; I'm all right; There's nothing wrong with me; I feel like taking off my clothes again; That sound is putting me...

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4. On A Tip

You would never; Do me in and act like; Like you're doing me a favor; But could it be in all the papers (You wear me out); That you leave in places (Too much time spent trying to repair...every good p...

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5. Scarin

You're scaring me; You don't seem to care; Whether I am here; Or if we're on a trip; Or what kind of place this is; Once upon a sideshow freak; There could be love between; Another bunch of attitudes;...

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6. Sit On It

I don't fit; I don't know where to sit; That time we.....Everybody wearin; That time we....Wearin all of this; That day felt so great......Wipe it; All that stuff that happens....Around; Starin down; ...

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7. Snowfall

Snowfall; How can they be all; So very unidentical? Sleigh Ride; Knocking icicles down; You're melting snow angels; All over town; From ashes come sunset; She tried to explain; But also ices ages; And...

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8. Will Work For Food

I need a couch; I haven't got one; I need a bed; To lay my soiled head upon; When you've crossed your i's and dot your t's; Maybe you'll have time for me; I need a car (If nobody knew how); I haven't ...

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