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Letra da Música Scarin de The Halo Benders

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You're scaring me
You don't seem to care
Whether I am here
Or if we're on a trip
Or what kind of place this is
Once upon a sideshow freak
There could be love between
Another bunch of attitudes
But now our time is all used
Up again
You're scarin me
You're not caring about anything
You're an empty book
You took what you could have
And you took a bath
Washed all of us away
It's so hard to be your friend
It's extra hard to watch
Someone like you
Go off again and again
You're not making sense
Keep your evidence
You can't prove to me
You're not scarin me
You're scarin me
You're scarin me again

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Número de Palavras 94
Número de Letras 641
Intérprete The Halo Benders

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