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Letra da Música On A Tip de The Halo Benders

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You would never
Do me in and act like
Like you're doing me a favor
But could it be in all the papers (You wear me out)
That you leave in places (Too much time spent trying to repair...every good player)
Worse than floors of gerbil cages (that judges us once a week)
To be on
On a tip
That you call in to be on (....rising sun)
Your bad toast is almost home (Your bad trip)
......clothes or so you boast (Your bad self)
That's not to say that you don't have (Your badness has slipped a disk)
Time to do your time everyday (You wear me out Too much time spent)
Keep it on (Keep on)
On a tip (Getting it done)
That call in to be on (Until the rising sun)

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Número de Palavras 119
Número de Letras 593
Intérprete The Halo Benders

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