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tempest to run and i'm falling of the cliff
the silver chill of this iron blade cuts through my soul like it was meant to be
force out of my love, because our families fought
i drank up this poison made up from the horrible thoughts
that everyone dies, the storie lives on, the legend is a myth, the hero fades away so softly
juliet, juliet, bleeding for discomfort
sitting at the table with blank stares to share
my love for you like the poison that i drink from my goblet
oh, i thought you were dead, but you were just sleeping there

it's hard to believe in anything because it's taken away before you knew
it's impossible to believe in what you once knew, because it's taken away, before you can let go
poison as taken my love, and i'm taking it back
with the rusted dagger she put forth, the effort so new
she barely touched the ground and floats to the sky
she landed way before she knew that she could fly

shes like the arsenic which burns me all the way down
she turns everything backwards
my worlds turned upside down
running so quickly, i needn't any breaths. for three hath taken my screams, the sunset in west
oh, watch me from your balcony, and let me speak with you
one simple conversation keeps me living through this
as the pressure keeps me stable, a chill runs down my spine
i knew we'd overcome this, i knew our families would be fine, and set aside.


she kisses me so soflty with her shiney velvet lips
her taste is in the poison that kills with every single kiss
with every kiss that i take, she breaks me away from here
and she wrote me down what it was to love
blank stares leaving me in hollow grounds
this crypt brings these silent sounds
and she lays on top the altar which her cold sleeping body was found

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Número de Palavras 301
Número de Letras 1597
Intérprete The Forever Machine

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