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Letra da Música Atlantic de The Forever Machine

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can i explain what i was feeling?
i feel words can't exress what i've seen
alone, i'm drifting soft, i've never seen this place
where are the people that i know?
where'd you go?

this place is what i have been dreaming of
with bright lights, we never looked back on the sunset
this avenue is busy, traffic in all directions
the sun is beating down

telephone calls ringing in my silence
begging for a chance to prove to them
i sit here, unaware of my abilities
is this where i want to be for the rest of my life?
and where'd you go?

you run away, but you came back again for me
and you run away, but you'd know i'm looking for you

don't let these things replace you
you'll fight for what you want
and don't rush, this is where belong,
here in my arms, there's nothing wrong

forgive me, for one, i came to find
and forget the memories wasted, just wasted
just wasted, just wasted

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Número de Letras 875
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