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1. Anything

in the past, i've made some mistakes; but i've held onto them for too long; and i've led you to think i'm a fake; who just lies and takes what he can; but i swear that i care, and it hurts me too; if ...

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2. Atlantic

can i explain what i was feeling? i feel words can't exress what i've seen; alone, i'm drifting soft, i've never seen this place; where are the people that i know? where'd you go? this place is what i...

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3. I Wish You Well

you turn around, and i am right this time; believe me, when i say i want you to be happy; so, just lie and impress this feeling; exatly the way i predicted; if you want to leave, just let me know; bec...

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4. My Shakespeare Memorandum

tempest to run and i'm falling of the cliff; the silver chill of this iron blade cuts through my soul like it was meant to be; force out of my love, because our families fought; i drank up this poison...

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5. The Last Imperfection

like the sunrise, youre looking close to perfect; turning colors from blue to lightest shade of red; your eyes contradict the morning sky above my head; and youre walking up to me from across the hall...

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6. The Screenplay

this street rings out in silence for me; but this silence beside you won't bend; betrayed in all the lines when you spell the words; the truth about tonight; betrayed in all the lines as you say these...

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7. The Signature

my heart stopped beating months ago; you tell me you wouldn't stay, so i'll leave; in the early morning light, you miss me by sunset; the resetting cycle like the seasons; repeats itself again and aga...

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