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in the past, i've made some mistakes
but i've held onto them for too long
and i've led you to think i'm a fake
who just lies and takes what he can

but i swear that i care, and it hurts me too
if you're close to tears i'll cry for you
it's the least i can do, to show you my thoughts
seeking forgiveness, i hope you don't walk

twice came too fast, and i've had my share of regrets
they're weighing me down like the words under your breath
i'm sinking inside, and hoping i'll get one more chance

i know it's tempting for you to just leave
and i know that all the reasons aren't empty
it's my fault that i did all these things
and i'm hoping that you'll accept my apology

tomorrow will come, and it won't be the same
without waking up to you calling (my name)
i know i'll be bitter for more than just a few weeks
but you're something in my heart

you gave me your heart and it had slipped out of my hands
while all of these thoughts have driven you close to the edge
but just let me in, and i'll never break your heart again


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