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Just another sad song
Written by a lonely man
Who knows that he had done, all things wrong
Waking up with no hope, just watchin a dark world
Time being
Life complicated
Yea it's complicate

Who is the strongest living and the weakest dying
I cryed all the night as my tears turned to sea
I closed my eyes and sailing in the sea of my tears
Remembering a memory with every tear
Cold and empty was the meaning of my life
Depression bleak bleeding mind I've
Drunk the bitter of life, vomiting blood and sickness growls
Feeling like a blind man in heaven

Yah I hate my life
Suicide was the only way
To open my eyes in the another world
I got no choice it's my last choice
I live alone, better to left all humans behind
Hopeless my life, my desperation writes my final words
This is my final words

Yea I must die. Yea I'm gonna die

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Número de Palavras 139
Número de Letras 789
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