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Here is my last day story
Which I wrote with my bloods
Watching no hope of tomorrow
I'm dying
I'm gone
In one dark cold night
I sat in the chair, picked up a gun
And thinking about my past
Hearing the alarm clock as my heart pulsing
I sat and cried as I thought
Everything that's happened
Has all been my fault
I said if I was gone
This would all be better
And I told her
I love you now
More than every said trust me
This is for the best I will see
Cause after I'm gone
No more fighting, you'll be free
Nothing deserves living
Every hope gonna be leaving
I grabbed a bullet
And put in the gun said I love you much
But now I have to run
I said I'm sorry, I can't take this no more
I've let down so many people
And now it's my turn to go down
I wish I could go back to before
I hung up the phone and pulled the trigger
Looked down at my chest, as the pain grew bigger
My eyes filled with tears
They started to pour
As soon as my family ran in I fell to the floor

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