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When I was walking... Under the moonlight
And watching all the darkness... Of the night

Feeling that horrible doom
I hope my heart was like a stone
Living in a painful world... And cant even die
Just a dark world around me

Everyone must run
Everyone is gone

Everyone is gone
Everyone must run

Walking with depression inside... And smile outside
Depression was the only way

To see the reality of this filthy world

""Its like a chainsaw... Cutting deep inside""

A poisoned blade cutting my veins

It's the dark world of the filthy huminty

I choke... I can't breath... I can't take this lies anymore

Walking between two choices suicide or keep this fake smile

Livin in another world... In my brain and hope... I can go from this dark world
But it's my last choice... To go to the real world

My heart became like alaram ringing
And brain choosing between... Keeping this fake smile
Or go to my real... World

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