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Letra da Música The Watcher de Verbal Deception

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Driven from the forces of the unknown
From the shadows of deep
From the depths of the ocean’s floor
Never woken from its sleep

Scavengers arise from the bowels below
Searching for the condemned of a mythic soul

Draining the oceans of its soul
The Watchers Powers Creep
It’s ancient ritual
Never woken from its sleep

Cryptic writings on the wall
On the Watcher’s golden tomb
Sketched within
Humanity’s certain doom

Souls of the innocent lost from its mist
The sanctions of evil rise to the abyss
Magic of being conquers the test of time
Powers structured from devouring rhyme

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Número de Palavras 83
Número de Letras 587
Intérprete Verbal Deception

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