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Letra da Música Jewels Of The Dead de Verbal Deception

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In wicked times
Of last despair
These precious stones
Release its glare

Cursed are the chosen ones
Who prosper deadly stones
Everlasting spells of greed
Lurch its divine atone

I look into my life and see that my mind is gone
Forever searching for the jewels of the dead

Chants of prayer
Damned for all time
Sacral laws
Useless hope factored unwell
Till the end of time

Its glimmer draws us here
To the caverns of wrath
It sucks us in
It feeds our soul
To its wretched binding scourge

Jewels of the Dead

Ficha Técnica da Música Jewels Of The Dead

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Número de Palavras 74
Número de Letras 517
Intérprete Verbal Deception

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