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1. Halls Of Illusion

Walking through the halls of ancient times; Through the souls which do not exist; Gazing through the walls; Falling down to the ground; I’m foreshadowing my own destiny; The atmosphere is spinning; My...

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2. High Seas

Bracing the lands; From raiding seas; Riparian treasures lost; From the oceans breeze; Supreme piracy; Routes this tempered time; The sacrifice in hand; For their tragic crimes; Shadows of despair; Ra...

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3. Jewels Of The Dead

In wicked times; Of last despair; These precious stones; Release its glare; Cursed are the chosen ones; Who prosper deadly stones; Everlasting spells of greed; Lurch its divine atone; I look into my l...

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4. Northern Shores

Buried in the worlds of snow and ice; Where the cold rules our lives; Sailing across the seas of mist; Into the lands of our foes; The waves of our northern shores; Rise from kingdoms bestowed; Crying...

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5. Pirate Attack

Cowards of battle; Bastards of life; Our enemies being; Quilled by the knife; Vindictive behaviour; Extensive Revenge; Laws of the nation; With severed intent; Time after time; Engagement content; Law...

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6. The Scarab

Sailing the sun; Across the sky; Billowing crashes settle and die; Here I stand; Rum in hand; Seaborn Scarab; Not of this land; The Scarab; The Scarab

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7. The Temptress

In… barren wilderness; The ship halted at my request; Musk grew strong through waves we rowed; The spell was cast like few could know; There she was, half dressed; Blind temptation, she danced before ...

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8. The Watcher

Driven from the forces of the unknown; From the shadows of deep; From the depths of the ocean’s floor; Never woken from its sleep; Scavengers arise from the bowels below; Searching for the condemned o...

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9. Under The Black Flag

Aye what fool bastards are these; Who sail blackest pirate seas; Galleon of color, that sails to the south; To lands of plenty, with great golden bounty; Who mars our skies, with black buzzards cries;...

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