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Letra da Música The Temptress de Verbal Deception

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In… barren wilderness
The ship halted at my request
Musk grew strong through waves we rowed
The spell was cast like few could know

There she was, half dressed
Blind temptation, she danced before the crew
We nearly sailed the sun to its bloody fate
When sultry lands have you

Now… closer the waves I row
Alone with her the fragrance grows
By the fire she enchants
Dancing round, the snake’s entranced

Her eyes, her gaze, her thieving spell
The Temptress
Deceptive ways
How could I resist?

Hair so soft, her lips, her breasts
The Temptress
She invites my rough caress
The Temptress

The night calls out to me
Her knavish ways unforeseen
The taste of rum dimmed my eyes
A shadow wakes from disguise
The mourning breeze blows from sea
Unguarded swag, where is she?


In… the night I was betrayed
My gold, my jewels, all way laid
I hunt her down, I make her pay
I wash my hands in blood this day

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Número de Palavras 136
Número de Letras 905
Intérprete Verbal Deception

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