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Letra da Música The Nailed Fist de Uncreation's Dawn

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Power comes for those who grasp it
So we will be the first ones to grasp the sword
Force and fire triumphs, has triumphed, will triumph

From blood and ashes to ruins and oblivion
From war and hatred to victory and conquest
In our footsteps it walks -the shadow of death
death -the liberator

when the scourge strikes down with shattering might
it is the flame of our aggression
the mailed fist of the sons of satan
the ones who have heard the call of the wolfen blood

and the enemy will not be warned
we come as assassins
sudden death, invisible death

invincible the hammer of desecration

primal dark flame
forever fierce and untamed
hidden in the very shadows, always unseen
before its too late

the law of the nature is a law none has escaped
some are born as beasts as the others fall as prey

attack now!

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Número de Palavras 129
Número de Letras 768
Intérprete Uncreation's Dawn

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