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Letra da Música Deathsong de Uncreation's Dawn

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A dwelling in the home of all murderous feelings
And atmopsheres that lack of humanity

Death has triumphed over all
And formed a void of utter darkness

You contaminated the air
With the stench of human
And I came to you

There was no need for hate
My eyes were burning cold
For I had become a true servant of Death

I have swam through the black lakes of ever evolving chaos
And discovered nothing more baneful than the deepest caverns of my mind

I have tasted blood
I have submitted to darkness
And I know the taste of the liquid life in your veins...

I left you dead
Slayed by my hands
My cruel and cold hands...

Devoured by the cold breath of the void
Buried in nothingness

It is death that has triumphed over all

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Número de Palavras 117
Número de Letras 690
Intérprete Uncreation's Dawn

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