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1. Deathsong

A dwelling in the home of all murderous feelings; And atmopsheres that lack of humanity; Death has triumphed over all; And formed a void of utter darkness; You contaminated the air; With the stench of...

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2. Hammer Of Death

Flames of damnation; Rise above heaven; Angels suffocated; by black mists from the pits; Fear and grief surround the paradise; like clouds of death; And the ones for whom the wine of salvation is pois...

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3. Night Of Damnation

By The black storm of impiety; The demons ride from Hell; Coming Forth to deal death, To desecrate and slaughter; Beasts of the night howl in the night; And they thirst for christian blood; Darkness s...

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4. Stormtroopers Of Antichrist

As grim warriors of doom; We march towards the falling sun; Hatred called us for war; Dream of revenge gave us strength; We wreak total havoc; And bring utter doom; Where we walk; The enemy of god we ...

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5. The Nailed Fist

Power comes for those who grasp it; So we will be the first ones to grasp the sword; Force and fire triumphs, has triumphed, will triumph; From blood and ashes to ruins and oblivion; From war and hatr...

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6. Uncreation's Dawn

When of the angelic hymns from heavens; turn into screams of torment and fear; When the son of god is nailed again; He shall come forth; He shall rise from the kingdom of; eternal blasphemy down below...

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