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Today, an overcast sky weighs upon my shoulders
The profuse rain claws my skin
Its transparent streams freeze my veins

The cold drops seem to be crawling to find and exit
Thru my intuition, I divine this day
Won't be like the others

Suddenly, I hear a queer dull sound
Something penetrates my back, piercing my body
I realize my annihilation is imminent

As a blood flow emanates from my yawning wound
I feel increasingly feeble, I'll no longer stand
I'm done, I slump on the drenched tar

My hands are trembling, my body's petrified
My fingers are tensing, I'm afraid...
The puddle in which I'm soaking turns red
The water so clear and pure is now soiled with my blood
Rain, blood, now tears... a so strange blend
A lie on the road, lifeless...

My stare slowly disappears behind my eyelids
Like at the end of a play
The bloodstained curtain falls
Darkening the last witnesses of my life
A so strange life...

The cold drops seem to be crawling
Over my Dead Body.

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