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Letra da Música Morpheus Mysterii de Orakle

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Ohh... Senses drown, fall in oceans of rime
The Winds of slumber awoke before me
Adorning their lair with hazy sanctuaries...

Thus I wandered through vales of rapture
Whilst flesh smoulders, widowed in unease
Fathoming spheres with a baroque savour
Swathed in a swirl of thrills and whispers
I stride the temple of dreams

...To waltz in the depths
Of my untamed soul

And thoughts are freed; as reason mourns
They prowl the night's wobbling scenes
Whose cortege led all earthly sway to despite

Crowned on my frescoes, aerial waves
Have shown the contours of essential worlds...

Thus I fathered the vales of rapture
Carnal sinders on the sly still envy
Into the crypts of pains and pleasures
Left under golden seals shall remain
The traces of those crystalline realms

Engraved with the vagrant knife
Loomed ephemereal sights

My thoughts returned to the hollow graves below
My dreams, they'd quietly burnt...
In the shadows now crawl
Yet, lurked in the midst of afterglow
Far memories remain... The prized mementoes I attain.

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Número de Palavras 145
Número de Letras 994
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