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Letra da Música From Silence To Mayhem de Orakle

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I left a world of madness, of hate

Sequel to a life lost in silence
Unable to describe my remembrance
Coming to a maze called "paradise"
A place like nowhere where we forget what means life

At once I feel relief but also fear
Fear of those creatures that I behold into the sky

I'd rather slay, entomb this peaceful place
But a premonition shown me demons and flames

Angels are drawing nearer
Gazing into my eyes...

Four angels took me away
Before the purgatory
Unfairly accused, I have been mute
The sentence was said

Ticket to the realm of fire, descent into hell
Far, in a cell of I, I begin to regret
Red flames approach me, now surround me
Remembrance of a time, a day when I was grand

A second and hindmost demise
After a grim release
From silence to mayhem

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Número de Palavras 123
Número de Letras 746
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