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Letra da Música The Essence Of Chaos de Infernal Tenebra

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State of total enslavement the many feed
The few leaders keep on changing but still
There's nothing new they have stolen your
Gold and gave you stones instead broken
Hopes of sorrow this land is crawling dead
The more they promise the less they will fulfill
Their lying mouths, their hearts are cold
As steel judicial system in disintegration
Injustice rules this martyred nation the more
I hear the less I shall believe disgusted by the
Plans that they conceive pathways leading
Nowhere regression has begun humble,
Blinded, tired masses trapped in the essence
Of chaos lifeless masses trapped in the
Essence of chaos regressions begun state
Of self-destruction humiliate the poor he,
Deceive, indoctrinate this is their only lore
Nepotistic vultures who shape your life, your
Mind a place without a future where the
Blind leads the blind

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Número de Palavras 120
Número de Letras 782
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