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Letra da Música One Minute Silence de Infernal Tenebra

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Falsely accused, freedom abused
Chained to a wall injustice overruled
Can't you hear lamentations, liberty's thy name
Without a new conception, this world's a shame
Something to believe in
A moment for the sentenced
One minute silence
For you there is no tomorrow
The only thing you prey
In agony and sorrow, it's driving you insane
A victim of an accusation still regrets in vain
And selfdetermination is only a dream
They always find
Someone to blame
Guilty as charged
Innocence swept away
So close but yet so far
So distant but still so near
Deliverance they fear
Waiting for the judgment day I can see their faces
I can hear them say he's guilty anyway
I may be a sinner, but so are the rest
One day you will join me, so who is next

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Número de Palavras 114
Número de Letras 714
Intérprete Infernal Tenebra

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