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1. Beyond The Dark Side

The beat of dead hearts freezes a dark blood; Shudders through the backbone repressed; Impulse of the beast for those who live but; Do not breathe beyond the dark side in; The dark, cold, empty nights...

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2. Domino Effect

Rapid eye movements while someone seals; The plan outrageous propagation declare; Incompetence presume... define... question-, Insight... basing the theories upon spurious; Accuracy oxymoronic hypothe...

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3. One Minute Silence

Falsely accused, freedom abused; Chained to a wall injustice overruled; Can't you hear lamentations, liberty's thy name; Without a new conception, this world's a shame; Something to believe in; A mome...

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4. Prospect Of Immortality

Strangled in a time of misery happily; Depressed facing enemy beware of what's; Out there prospect of immortality figures; Without name all the same let us all dream; Until the day we declare insanity...

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5. Stealers Of Life

High, from virtual thrones through them; We've lived lives can you see the black; Hearts behind those vicious smiles? Sucking people's existence a social plague; They proudly spread statues of authori...

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6. The Bitter Taste Of Experience

The bitter taste of experience; It all begins with too much faith; And someone wants just the decay; Of those things you believe in; Sneering at your back as the moment's getting closer; Naivité,blind...

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7. The Essence Of Chaos

State of total enslavement the many feed; The few leaders keep on changing but still; There's nothing new they have stolen your; Gold and gave you stones instead broken; Hopes of sorrow this land is c...

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8. Tipping Point

So many lights and yet so much darkness; So many eyes and yet so much blindness a; Sense of displacement runs down the spine; Freezing the bones money and greed for; The machines to feed spawning deca...

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9. When The Words Die

Coming an enraged flood in verbal; Streams they flow killed by the ignorance; Of those who wield them high tried to reach; Some hidden meaning the hidden part to see; Or do they justify the fools who ...

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