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One God with a thousand names and faces
The same face under a thousand names ?
A thousand names under the same face ?
A thousand faces under the same name ?

Free be the will to choose...
Eradication proves some beliefs best others...

Flawed be their beliefs! Truth be their heresy!
Teachings have lost their values.
Preachings have turned into propaganda
The sheep are sheep indeed .
And sheep they will remain.

Slaughtered they be.
Deprive more of their will,
And more you will have slain...mentally

Then they will slay eachother...literally

Their guided " free " will dictates so.

The preachers have spoken the word
They have taught the way And pointed at the " enemy ".
Untill with bloodspattered hands and a shattered mentality
They will have proven their beliefs to be the purest.
And pure they are indeed.
Of pure hatred and loathing for the " other minded "
Of pure affirmation without questioning.
And pure stupidity
Since no one can prove a God better.
Than God himself.
Keep on hating...forgetting
you have lives to live...
You have proven yourselves indeed
...and in deed !

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Número de Palavras 159
Número de Letras 1067
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