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Letra da Música And The Filth Perpetuates de Homo Iratus

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Beacons of deceit, pulse with a mesmerising light
the cancerous knowledge breeds
within the minds of the “ enlightened “
piece by piece the ages are dying,
erased once more,
to be replaced by the order of the new millenia
the filth perpetuates

i see what you obstinately deny to
what lays bare before us all
what common sence takes for granted

i see the traces of cultures
existing only in the minds
of the ones burried before us!

always taking for granted
the scriptures “ wise “ hands wrote
erased rewritten applied
to serve a righteous cause

attributed true
so...where the fuck were we ?
afraid of losing our souls
while losing our humanity ?

silent beholders of actions of cretinism

purpose : bliss through ignorance
results : harmony through subjection

total humiliation, notional freedom

no one responsible, no crimes to judge ,only to teach

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Número de Palavras 121
Número de Letras 862
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