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it's the voice you hear but cannot listen to
this awkward feeling of another presence where
emptyness resides

a shell ready to burst out in pieces
holds a spirit barred in intimidation

the voice speaks yet makes no sound
but sounds loud to your mind
and leads thought to paths
before unexplored by the fear of being explored

the creases that were better not unfold
hidden safe and away from the inquiring touch
of the feeble minds of the logic of unreason

is it a voice inside your head ?

is it ? ...the voice of the power that fuels
the shell that encases "it" and therefore
constitutes what you perceive as "you" ?

and if it has its own voice it means you have
no control over it
right ?

our confined logic can not explain
that which it can't understand
because it can not completely perceive
what is that, which it is trying to
give an explanation to

fear the voice
as if it were your worst enemy

be the voice
let not the voice overpower you

listen to the voice
heed its warning every time it speaks

speak the voice
it needs to channel through you

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Número de Letras 1050
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