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I can't get just any girl
But I got the one I wanted anyway
I wasn't born to save your world
I came to far for turning back again
Of all I needed it's all here
Life's the cure for all the bad you did
And I know, I hear too much,
I think too much, too much about

You, you got what I need
And I got it all
When you're the king of the world
And baby it's cool that you say
We got it made, but where were you yesterday
Political dictator news, bias reviews
Who I trust to be sure
We just walked into the room
Looking for fuel, ready to burn

I can't give out for respect
I never asked for your opinion anyway
I can't believe how close we get
I might never dream like this again
Five long years and my regret
I almost left you never having said
And I know, I'm not there now
So maybe you can help a bit


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Número de Palavras 146
Número de Letras 790
Intérprete High Holy Days

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