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1. A For Me

So many things, I have beaten down to get my way; Go unnoticed when I make mistakes; Shine so perfect in the light; I did right this time; Fate, living on a stone; And a statue bleeds; And our prophet...

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2. All My Real Friends

See, believe, forget me; My playful thoughts contrive; Nights concede to reckless; Versions of myself; All my real friends gather; Stay my wanting for a shield; I can't see you real; All I hate and al...

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3. Exfugo

I got a feeling I can't explain; I got a need that I can't contain; The look around here it's pretty plain; Nothing changes it's staying the same; I got it right here, I got it right now; Come on baby...

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4. Explain It Away

Light the signal fire; I said I'm coming home; I don't remember if I had something here; Or I can't complain about it; I got a piece of perfect; Always on my mind I see her now; And I don't know if it...

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5. Living In Your Head

Remembering I had questions; Conversations with destiny; People changing their faces; Changing their places and what they mean; Fate, I got to find a way; I got to find a way; From living in my head; ...

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6. Proud

Proud is scared to act like; The girl escapes me this time, I regret; Of all the shame that you hide; I complete the same kind, I forget; Forced between this state; And a look to hesitate; The truth a...

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7. River Of Styx

Memories, they wash my mind; Like the frozen rain; I am numb here but I can't forget the pain; Death was yesterday; And somewhere I have never seen; So never mind tomorrow boy; Tomorrow's never been; ...

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8. The Getaway

I can't get just any girl; But I got the one I wanted anyway; I wasn't born to save your world; I came to far for turning back again; Of all I needed it's all here; Life's the cure for all the bad you...

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9. The Situation

I feel pretty incredible; Standing here in the vacuum of my life; It feels so odd to be alive; And the days they pass so quickly; I'm here I said I feel alright; But I can't sleep at night; So I looke...

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10. Zoo Baby Rummy

I'd like to touch your perfect skin; I'd like to feel you from within; It's me, i'd like to keep control but it's hard; She burns me up it's like a shooting star and it's me; Breaking it down, she doe...

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