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Proud is scared to act like
The girl escapes me this time, I regret
Of all the shame that you hide
I complete the same kind, I forget
Forced between this state
And a look to hesitate
The truth and I neglect
Cause I never told you

And when you're acting so proud like
Like you never had your doubts
You never said once like you were throwing it away
And then you're hanging round
Shining like the sun
Shocked everyone how it's making my day
And you, you can try so hard
With everything that's going wrong
I know you're strong and you're here for the change
You're never far away
You're making my day
Or you're throwing it away

What the hell have I meant
If this is how the day ends, I regret
Close your eyes and dream now
The world so far you're heart sounds
Alone and I connect
In all the ways I've dreamed you
I chose a song to reach you
But why it's sad again, only now I see it


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Número de Palavras 150
Número de Letras 894
Intérprete High Holy Days

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