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There was a reason, for all my acts
They were dismissed as madness
There was a root for all these actions
And this was the key

Dispossessed of everything
Without dignity nor means
What else could I do?

When I looked into your eyes, all sorrows dispersed
One by one good men, were steadily falling

Everything was collapsing
Pressure building up and up
The whole world and society crumbled down
I failed at seeking support
Gloomy days, all doors closed
And then the darkness and winter came
And your mother gone
Away from you, from her, cause her eyes are yours
I fought for your future

Every minute
The final punishment
I'm fighting against waves, condemned to lose
No one cares but you

A flame guttered without salvation, even if it shone brightly before dying
A father, a victim, monster or lion, agony in his eyes

I'll burn!
(It's my decision)
I'll lose everything!
(Maybe I couldn't protect you)
No way!
(Two hours to say goodbye)
I'm an empty shell

Crawling in misery, naked and battered
Broken by all their games, lords of paper and gold
No witnesses, no alibi, shattered lives
Visions of sorrow, (I'm sorry) , visions of cold

When you read this
I don't expect you to understand
Alone, in this room, getting ready for my fate
Only dry tears remain
(Ready to lose, ready to shine)
(What had to be done
Had to be done
To be done
My fall, your rise

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Número de Letras 1358
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