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Letra da Música Martyr de Carving Colours

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Deep in your head
There's a voice calling you
Wake up! death is knocking
Eyes wide open
Don't be afraid

Break, all these chains
The damned box is sedating you
A tool to enslave society
Open your eyes, face the truth

Now I have nothing
Just a shadow of my old self
Hundreds of calls, one last shout
No dignity, no life

When all hope is dead
And there's no faith
Martyrs' sacrifice
Fuel for the uprising

Bloodstained key for a chance
No sorrow nor pain
One-way road to the end
Fall back and head down
Or rise and stand tall again

Fighting for air
Global consciousness
Don't let the bloodshed be in vain
Routine is our opium
Apathy leads to pain

When all flesh is burnt
And a clamor arises
Martyrs' sacrifice
Fuel for the uprising

Vanquished lion, casting a dull roar
When all explodes, eternal echoes soar

Now! Self immolation
Bright as a star, marking the goal

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Número de Palavras 125
Número de Letras 899
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