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1. Beheading The Hydra

A new dawn, sunlight in crimson red; Blood in the air, breathing sorrow and misery; Our number is our power; All together; Countless faces; One shared heartbeat; Tearing down the walls we once built; ...

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2. Isolated Incidents

A sound in the wind; A soft and distant roar, the onset of a storm; A soul is spilled somewhere far away; A neighbour yesterday, it could be you tomorrow; Torment has a limit, unlike human greed; A cr...

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3. It Had To Be Done

There was a reason, for all my acts; They were dismissed as madness; There was a root for all these actions; And this was the key; Dispossessed of everything; Without dignity nor means; What else coul...

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4. Martyr

Deep in your head; There's a voice calling you; Wake up! death is knocking; Eyes wide open; Don't be afraid; Break, all these chains; The damned box is sedating you; A tool to enslave society; Open yo...

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5. No Way But Forwards

Eden fell and the truth was revealed; All the stars we wished upon turned into ashes; Why is everything destroyed? Why are so many friends gone? Why is everything soiled with smoke? Why are there pudd...

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