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Letra da Música Enraged Beasts de Canchroid

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To happen soon
Years of misery
Fog everywhere
Death and sodomy

Enraged beasts starving for blood
Enslaving humanity throughout the world
Splattered organs everywhere
Slaying everyone without mercy
With huge paws they mutilate
Their tails smashing brains

Armageddon has arrived
Armageddon has arrived

Crushed buildings falling apart
Soldiers killed one by one
Sorrounded by evil they start to rot
Mankind is doomed forever
Your weak minds can't understand
No need to be clever

Armageddon has arrived

In vain your lives were spent
Lacerations all over
Dismembered and molested

Armageddon has arrived

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Número de Palavras 71
Número de Letras 649
Intérprete Canchroid

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