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Letra da Música Blessed Bodies Rotting de Canchroid

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On the ashes of christ
Where all the saints lay down
Putrid souls from hell will never bound
You bastards get away with your soul stealing

My soul is very strong, just stop cheating
Brainwash ashing the weak is your biggest strenght
Talking about faith and divine creatures
Crap that never existed and will never exist
Your souls will be lost in the strongest mist
My inner demons will hunt you down
Rilling, rotting, eating your flesh

Dead bodies rise from the graves
Slaying the weak, making new slaves
Searching for life, seeking for blood
Fallen angels in their corners they stood
Slavery creation, monges with slaves

Your religion tries to be the king and wear the crown
But as I walk on the streets one blink ins enough to
make a mass
Your beliefs are pitiful and worthless as the god
The best solution is to burn yourself
And as your soul burn in hell
Your blessed bodie rots
In temptation you fell
Fuck off with your dirty thoughts

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Número de Palavras 146
Número de Letras 889
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