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1. Blessed Bodies Rotting

On the ashes of christ; Where all the saints lay down; Putrid souls from hell will never bound; You bastards get away with your soul stealing; My soul is very strong, just stop cheating; Brainwash ash...

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2. Decapitated Soldiers From The Apocalypse

Decapitated soldiers stand up from the graves; Infecting the pure, creating more slaves; Infecting them with robies; Starring creatures looking for flesh; Released to the world; Killing for blood; Hid...

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3. Demência

Erradicação, genocídio; Deliberação, destruição sistemática; Do étnico religioso; Ira divinal; Punição fatal; Inconsciância infinita; Incompetencia ilimitada; Criação banal; Guiados pela atmosfera; Se...

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4. Enraged Beasts

To happen soon; Years of misery; Fog everywhere; Death and sodomy; Enraged beasts starving for blood; Enslaving humanity throughout the world; Splattered organs everywhere; Slaying everyone without me...

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5. Venomous Thoughts

Poisoned veins fill my heart; With venomous thoughts; My mind's looking for vengeance; Nightmares make me rot; Emprisoned in darkness forever; Enslaved in Hell with madness; Putrid bones start decompo...

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