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Past the crunching twilight
Through to Plato's dome
The shadows flicker
Oh cave, dark and binding
There is a light for us all
Half-light silhouettes
Stroboscopic scintillationsI have ten papers I haven`t read
And a pot about to boil
Which I can`t seem
To get up to cover
To melt the substance of arrangements
With an irrational touch
Damned motivation
Past lives with only
Molecular clarity
Disengage with time
I waited an hour for a bus
And when it came I waved it on
There wasn't a difference to where it was going
How I waved was very important though
With a "vengeance is mine" non-chalance
Everyone on the bus knew
One woman threw a quarter at me, but it passed through me
And later fed .001 percent of the local disenfranchised population
And a cat
I felt good about that.
I`m not sure how much longer
Things will pass through
Optical density refers to the speed of light in a medium.
The speed of light in a vacuum is 180,280 miles per second.
Refraction is the bending of a light beam as it passes through a surface
separating two different light transmitting materials.
Will they examine the dried blood and chalk marrow?
Will they clean the dirt from our mouths
to imagine what was said?
Will the best they can say be that we saw with Oedipal eyes?
They a generation born without sight,
Transfixed on osmosis.

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