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Palindromic gesture
Damned if you do or don't
Partly crossed, nailed
Plate glass buffer
Sharp anticipation
Fingerprint focus
Planing lives
Razing faith
Scraping, grounding being for
Dance for rain
Hang for rain
Pray for
Deprecate forSee the rain
Watch it fall
Such tiny droplets mist the eyes
Corneal fog
Cranial binding
Sweet rain
Syrupy light-gilt clouds
Wet dreams
Fondly litter the road
While it glitters
I see a rainbow
No beginning
Thick painted colors on the wall
Soft, rubbery earth
Patiently waiting
And so it rains
Like a bright smog
Cultivating poppies
Smell the poppies
Be like poppies
And drip with rainRails
Pierce the earth
Split the sky
Oh doubt is flowing
Ground is shaking
Glass is breaking
Into a heart
While you manage to squeeze through it
There's nothing more to say
The lies are coffin-laid
No mausoleums here
No visiting hours for the dead
The transformation comes
The earth is sticky sweet
The past is all undone
The future's painful seed

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Número de Palavras 116
Número de Letras 1026
Intérprete Absolute Zero

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