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1. An I To An Eye

Early morning; Watching pachyderms; Gracing a piece of the earth; Endless berth; Feathers all around; Moving so that they've time to take conscienced chances; What kind of prayer does one make to pres...

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2. Bared Cross

Palindromic gesture; Damned if you do or don't; Partly crossed, nailed; Plate glass buffer; Sharp anticipation; Fingerprint focus; LinesRails; Planing lives; Razing faith; Scraping, grounding being fo...

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3. Further On

Past the crunching twilight; Through to Plato's dome; The shadows flicker; Oh cave, dark and binding; There is a light for us all; Half-light silhouettes; Stroboscopic scintillationsI have ten papers ...

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4. I Wish

The whole world is spinning inside my head; And the whole world is just going crazy; I don't know how to explain it; All that I know is that I'm thinking of you; Woke up to the ringing of a phone; Hop...

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5. Paradigms

You there; Buddy can you spare a dime? You in the suit; In the French suit; From Woolworth's; Grab yourself right over here and show me a good time; Oh you can see the light; for ten centavos; You can...

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6. Suenos Soere Un Espejo

Walked through the black of the night; Slipped through the ink of the dead; Cocked his beret so the pain in his head left his eyes; And traveled straight to his dreams, his dreams; Wrestled with takin...

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