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Letra da Música The Emptiness Of The Flesh de Abominattion

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under all mortal flesh a bloody sea
of lamentations tear the vein
where souls of hate
get lost in mortal sins
following the traces of pain
the search of your own pardon
and in macabre dreams awake
in your own real world!

closing the eyes of humanity
waits for the payment of your
sins with out price

seeing with suffered eyes
the bleeding of he bloodshed
that wash the world
where mothers kill their own sons
who haven't been formed in her womb yet

voices of the silences break the night
whispering in your mind the past

what will not
can to be extinguish of your soul
with the emptiness of the flesh
sins without price

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Número de Palavras 95
Número de Letras 609
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