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Letra da Música Hated By The Flames de Abominattion

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destiny marked by iron and fire,
followers of the ideology of the false
and deceiving faith
the pain I feel again
the desire to kill consumes me
the flames penetrate into my skin

I will be the evil
I will be the pain

my ashes are impregnated in the air
the smoke hides the skies
my sins burn in the heresy

hate, hating, hated by the flames
hate, hating, hated by god

my spirit reborn in the depths of pain
the tears of the fire blind
the torture will be my revenge

on my hands
the scar of the past
wastes away, wastes away...
in my side
my spirit denied me
die for me, die for me...

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Número de Palavras 96
Número de Letras 570
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